Cold Steel on the Rocks

When the pirate Blackbeard buried his treasure, he could never have imagined that it would fall to the heavy metal band, Cold Steel, to come looking for it.

Cold Steel, high-octane British rockers who came close to legendary status, until the release of their fourth album, when their excesses send them spiralling into terminal decline.

Struggling small-time band manager Johnny Faslane, in the right place at the right time, lands the dream job of managing Cold Steel, and then has the seemingly impossible mission of turning the band around.

Cold Steel’s singer, Maxwell Diabolo, claims to have a treasure map that he thinks will lead him to Blackbeard’s lost riches.

With the band bent on a terrifying path of self-destruction, Johnny wonders if they will even complete the tour, much less get to the Caribbean to embark on a treasure hunt.

Against all expectations, the tour ends on a high and they sail halfway around the world chasing a long-dead pirate’s map. Once there, it seems as though they were safer on a decaying tour. Facing their ultimate challenge, it will take all of Cold Steel's talent to escape a fate of their own creating.

'Cold Steel on the Rocks is the heavy metal book the world needs to know about.' Goodreads.

'Music, I feel the book tells us, unites us and metal music motivates us. It’s a moral I think we can all take to heart.' We Love Metal.

'Heavy Metal and pirates in one novel? Yes, it's not only possible, it's a perfect match!' Goodreads.

Kindle edition 


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