We are Cold Steel

A day after their historic concert on the Caribbean island of St Clements, heavy metal band Cold Steel are heroes. All they have to do now is stay out of trouble and enjoy a well-earned holiday until they start work on their next album.

     Except that the owner of the recording studio has hates all things Cold Steel.

     Except that Cold Steel’s record company has blackmailed the studio into accepting them.

     Except that not all reporters are as friendly as band manager Johnny Faslane’s girlfriend, Rachel Shaw.

     With a tight deadline, Cold Steel have to get the next album out before their tour starts. They can’t afford any delays, and Johnny has his work cut out keeping the band in line.

     Feral former soldiers, reporters with an agenda, cake-obsessed studio execs with a grudge, international criminals all work their way into the mix as the band hurtle from one improbable incident into another. All they want to do is meet their deadlines, but it seems that everyone else is out to stop it happening.

      Can the band get the album recorded on time? Will it ever get released? And what will happen as their upcoming tour approaches? With friends and enemies in the most unlikely places, events unfold in a way that could only ever happen to Cold Steel.



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